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Department of Physics

Welcome to the Department of Physics at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

The Physics Department of the University of Otago was the first Physics Department in New Zealand. The Chair in Natural Philosophy was established when the University opened in July 1871. Ever since, the Department has embraced innovative teaching methods, promoted a vigorous research ethos, and been committed both to Physics as a discipline and to its applications.

Our research ranges from the fundamental quantum processes that underlie our very existence, through the largest explosions in the solar system, Antarctic ice, supercomputers and robotics, to the development of the next generation of energy efficient homes.

Physics is about gaining a fundamental understanding of how the Universe around us works. The papers we offer cover topics as diverse as the internal structure of atoms to the gigantic black holes powering distant galaxies. In other papers in our Department you could be learning about Einstein's theories of relativity, the inner workings of modern electronics or global warming. Much of the technologies in the world around us are products of breakthroughs in Physics.

A degree in Physics from Otago equips you with the knowledge and confidence to get where you want to go. Our graduates are found all over the world in all types of situations; from research scientists in Antarctica to the financial trading floors of London, from government policy advisors in Wellington to entrepreneurs developing tomorrow's cutting-edge products.