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Space Physics People


Current Members

Dr. Craig Rodger Professor ResearcherID
Dr. Annika Seppälä Senior Lecturer  
Dr. Neil Thomson part-time Research Associate Professor  
Dr. Tim Divett Postdoctoral Fellow  
Dr. James Brundell part-time Postdoctoral Fellow  
Aaron Hendry PhD Student  
Emma Douma PhD Student ResearcherID
Daniel Mac Manus MSc Student  
Harriet George Honours Student (2018)  
Emily Gordon Honours Student (2018)  
Oliver King Summer fellowship student (2017/18)  

Contact details for all current members of the Space Physics Research Group can be found at the Staff Directory Listing and the Student Directory Listing.



Group photo taken beside the Physics Building on 22 September 2017


Recent Members

Nathan Williams Honours Student (2017)
Moritz Wolf Research Intern (2016/2017)
Daniel Mac Manus Summer fellowship student (2016/17)
Moritz Wolf Research Intern (2016/2017)
Daniel Mac Manus Honours Student (2016)
Dr. Neil Thomson Associate Professor (retired April 2016)
Kathy Cresswell-Moorcock PhD Student - withdrew for medical reasons March 2016
Daniel Mac Manus Summer fellowship student (2015/16)
Emma Douma Summer fellowship student (2014/15)
Dr. Ian Whittaker Postdoctoral Fellow
Alexander Schwertheim PGDipSci Student (2014)
Emma Douma Honours Student (2014)
Kathy Cresswell-Moorcock MSc Student (2013-2014)
Jason Neal MSc Student (2013-2014)
Timothy Marshall Summer fellowship student (2013/14)
Jason Neal Summer fellowship student (2012/13)
Kathy Cresswell-Moorcock Summer fellowship student (2012/13)
Jason Neal Honours student (2012)
Kathy Cresswell-Moorcock PGDipSci Student (2012)
Dr. Mea Simon Wedlund PhD Student (her second PhD) - withdrew for medical reasons September 2012
Bonar Carson MSc Student (completed early 2012)

Aaron Hendry

Summer fellowship student (2011/12)

Aaron Hendry

Honours student (2011)

Dr. Rory Gamble

PhD Student (completed 2011)

Nicholas Hananeia

PGDipSci Student (2010)

Robert McCormick

MSc Student (completed 2010)

Sarah Dietrich

MSc Student (completed 2009)

Bonar Carson

Honours Student (2009)

Sarah Dietrich

Honours Student (2007)

Johnny Downs

Honours Student (2007)

Mikhail Turner

Honours Student (2007)

Simon Stewart

Summer scholarship student (2005/06)

Greg Mcdowell

Honours Student (2005)

Greg Masters

Honours Student (2006)

Oliver Stigley

Summer scholarship student (2004/05)

Jonathan Nielsen

Honours Student (2004)

Michael Grant

Honours Student (2004)

Simon Werner

Honours Student (2003)

Peter Thompson

Honours Student (2003)

Robert McCormick

Honours Student (2001)

Israel Waldrom

Honours Student (2001)



Dr. Mark Clilverd regular collaborator & yearly visitor British Antarctic Survey (UK)
Prof. Fran Bagenal March 2017 University of Colorado Boulder
Dr. Yuki Obana Feburary 2011, March 2012, 2013 2014, Feburary 2015, August 2016, March 2017, September 2017
Osaka Electro-Communication University (Japan)
Gemma Kelly February 2017 British Geological Survey (UK)
Dr. Alan Thomson and Ellen Clarke May 2016 British Geological Survey (UK)
Malcolm Ingham May 2016 Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Michael Dalzell May 2016 Transpower New Zealand Ltd.
Assoc. Prof. Adrian McDonald December 2013 and October 2014 University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
Dr. Monika Andersson January 2014 Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Dr. Pekka Verronen November 2006 and January 2014 Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Dr. Mark Clilverd Jan-April 2014 (sabbatical) British Antarctic Survey (UK)
Neil Cobbett January-February 2011 and 2014
British Antarctic Survey (UK)
Prof. Anthnoy Chan July-August 2012, July 2013 and July 2014
Rice University (USA)

Assoc. Prof. Sushil Kumar

January-April 2011

University of the South Pacific (Fiji)

Dr. Steve Cummer

sabbatical 2009

Duke University (USA)

Dr. Annika Seppälä

two collaboration visits

Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)

Dr. János Lichtenberger

two collaboration visits

Eötvös University (Hungary)

Dr. Fred Menk

January 2008

University of Newcastle (Australia)

Dr. Esa Turunen

November 2005 

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (Finland)

Tom Broux

Summer intern 2004/05

Technical University Eindhoven (Holland)

Dr. Bob Holzworth


University of Washington (USA)

Erin Lay


University of Washington (USA)

Dr. John Grunsfeld

June 2002



You can learn more about our research activities by looking at our page About the Space Physics Group.