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Blakie Bradley Theory Group

Welcome to our group home page.

Our group is interested in a wide range of quantum phenomenon that can be explored using ultra-cold gases and quantum optical systems. We are part of the Centre for Quantum Science based in the Physics Department of the University of Otago.

Latest news

Division of Science Early-Career Researcher of the year 2018!:
Congratulations to Danny Baillie who won the prize at the annual Division of Science Awards Event for his work on self-bound quantum droplets.

Nov. 2018.

Cool video abstract on some cool work
2016-2017 Undergraduate summer Students Nanako Shitara and Shreya Bir have taken the BTG into the world of video production with a video abstract for their paper “Domain percolation in a quenched ferromagnetic spinor condensate” published in the New Journal of Physics.. Sept. 2017.

Welcome Stuart Szigeti
We welcome Dr Stuart Szigeti for a six month visit funded by an Endeavour Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. Stuart is working with Ashton on control theory of finite temperature Bose-Einstein condensates.
July. 2017.

Welcome Jingyan Li
We welcome Associated Professor Jingyan Li from Wuhan Textile University for a one year research visit funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Li is visiting Ashton to study quantum states of superconducting qubit systems.
Jan. 2017.

Congratulations Matt Reeves
Matt has finished his PhD and taken up a postdoc research fellow position with Matthew Davis' group at the University of Queensland.
Jan. 2017.

Welcome Andréane
We welcome visiting student Andréa Bourges from France for a 3 month research attachment to study coarsening dynamics in spinor condensates.
May. 2015.

Welcome Chao-Fei!
We welcome visiting research fellow Dr Chao-Fei Liu, funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences for a one year visit to our group to research quantum turbulence.
Sep. 2015.

Celebrating 20 years of (dilute gas) Bose-Einstein condensation:
Theorists + Experimentalists + cake. (Note: Otago had the first southern hemisphere BEC in 1998).

June. 2015.

Welcome Xiaoquan!
We welcome new postdoctoral research fellow Dr Xiaoquan Yu, formerly at SISSA, and at Sergej Flach group at NZIAS, Xiaoquan is joining us to work on critical phenomena of in two-dimensional quantum turbulence.
Feb. 2015.

Congratulations Sam!
The thesis of Otago PhD candidate Sam Rooney has been ranked among the 2015 Exceptional PhD Theses for the Division of Sciences. A thesis is regarded as of exceptional quality when all three examiners of a candidate's thesis agree that the thesis is of an exceptional standard in every respect – research content, originality, quality of expression and accuracy of presentation – and is amongst the top 10% of theses examined. Sam's PhD research pioneered applications of the open quantum systems approach to dilute-gas Bose-Einstein condensates, leading to significant advances in our understanding of dissipative bosonic matter waves, and the quantitative modelling of high-temperature experiments.
Jan. 2015.

Congratulations Russell!
Former PhD student Russell Bisset [now a postdoctoral fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory] has been awarded the 2014 Hatherton Award by the Royal Society of New Zealand, for his paper “Fingerprinting Rotons in a Dipolar Condensate: Super-Poissonian Peak in the Atom-Number Fluctuations” , that was published in Physical Review Letters in 2013. The award is for the best scientific paper by a student registered for the degree of PhD in Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences and Mathematical and Information Sciences at a New Zealand university.
Oct. 2014.

GPU hardware for quantum dynamics

We have acquired PBRF funding to leverage recent advances in graphics processing hardware. Our two NVidia Tesla K40 GPU Accelerators are each equivalent to 2880 CUDA cores, with a peak double precision performance of 1.43Tflops. To find out more visit our GPU page.

June. 2014.

Superfluid Reynolds Number

Number Fluctuations of Dipolar BEC

Thermally activated collapse of a dipolar condensate

Onsager-Kraichnan Condensation in decaying two-dimensional quantum turbulence

C-field theory

Our group is the home of c-field theory a flexible, tractable theory for describing quantum and thermal dynamics of ultra-cold Bose gases. Find out more in our review article:

PhD scholarships are available for students wanting to work in our group.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from:

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