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Dr Tom Billam

Dr Tom Billam

MSci (Durham), PhD (Durham)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Room 410
ph +64 3 4794006
fax +64 3 4790964

Research areas

My principal research interests are the non-equilibrium dynamics of ultracold Bose gases. In particular I am interested in:

Quantum vortex dynamics and two-dimensional quantum turbulence

This area has been my main focus at Otago, where I have worked on schemes for vortex injection in BECs, and on methods of analysis for vortex dynamics, with Ashton Bradley and others.

Non-equilibrium BEC dynamics in the presence of significant quantum depletion

In this area I have a long-standing collaboration with Simon Gardiner developing and implementing number-conserving techniques for coupled condensate - non-condensate dynamics at finite temperatures. A focus for our work to date has been quantum chaos and quantum resonances in driven BEC systems.

Bright solitary matter-waves: dynamics and applications to interferometry

I have worked on a variety of topics related to bright solitons in attractively-interacting BECs, including proposals for interferometric schemes exploiting their non-dispersive behaviour. More recently, I have worked with Christoph Weiss and others studying the quantum behaviour of bright solitons for small atom numbers, and provided numerical modelling for the successful 85Rb bright soliton experiment of Simon Cornish.


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Full arXiv preprint listing

Signatures of Coherent Vortex Structures in a Disordered 2D Quantum Fluid
M. T. Reeves, T. P. Billam, B. P. Anderson, and A. S. Bradley
Physical Review A 89, 053631 (2014)

Onsager-Kraichnan Condensation in Decaying Two-Dimensional Quantum Turbulence
T. P. Billam, M. T. Reeves, B. P. Anderson, and A. S. Bradley
Physical Review Letters 112, 145301 (2014)

Generating Mesoscopic Bell States via Collisions of Distinguishable Quantum Bright Solitons
B. Gertjerenken, T. P. Billam, C. L. Blackley, C. R. Le Sueur, L. Khaykovich, S. L. Cornish, and C. Weiss
Physical Review Letters 111, 100406 (2013)

Controlled formation and reflection of a bright solitary matter-wave
A. L. Marchant, T. P. Billam, T. P. Wiles, M. M. H. Yu, S. A. Gardiner, and S. L. Cornish
Nature Communications 4, 1865 (2013)

Second-order number-conserving description of nonequilibrium dynamics in finite-temperature Bose-Einstein condensates
T. P. Billam, P. Mason, and S. A. Gardiner
Physical Review A 87, 033628 (2013)

Inverse Energy Cascade in Forced 2D Quantum Turbulence
M. T. Reeves, T. P. Billam, B. P. Anderson, and A. S. Bradley
Physical Review Letters 110, 104501 (2013)

Equilibrium solutions for immiscible two-species Bose-Einstein condensates in perturbed harmonic traps
R. W. Pattinson, T. P. Billam, S. A. Gardiner, D. J. McCarron, H. W. Cho, S. L. Cornish, N. G. Parker, and N. P. Proukakis
Physical Review A 87,013625 (2013)

Scattering bright solitons: Quantum versus mean-field behavior
B. Gertjerenken, T. P. Billam, L. Khaykovich, and C. Weiss
Physical Review A 86,033608 (2012)

Bright matter-wave soliton collisions at narrow barriers
J. L. Helm, T. P. Billam, and S. A. Gardiner
Physical Review A 85, 053621 (2012)

Coherence and instability in a driven Bose-Einstein condensate: a fully dynamical number-conserving approach
T. P. Billam and S. A. Gardiner
New Journal of Physics 14, 013038 (2012)

Variational determination of approximate bright matter-wave soliton solutions in anisotropic traps
T. P. Billam, S. A. Wrathmall, and S. A. Gardiner
Physical Review A 85, 013627 (2012)

Realizing bright-matter-wave-soliton collisions with controlled relative phase
T. P. Billam, S. L. Cornish, and S. A. Gardiner
Physical Review A 83, 041602(R) (2011)

Quantum resonances in an atom-optical δ-kicked harmonic oscillator
T. P. Billam and S. A. Gardiner
Physical Review A 80, 023414 (2009)

Book Chapters

Number-Conserving Approaches for Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates: An Overview
S. A. Gardiner and T. P. Billam
In Quantum Gases: Finite Temperature and Non-equilibrium Dynamics, edited by N. P. Proukakis, S. A. Gardiner, M. Davis, and M. Szymanska (Imperial College Press, London, 2013), Chap. 8 (arXiv:1207.6382)

Bright Solitary Matter Waves: Formation, Stability and Interactions
T. P. Billam, A. L. Marchant, S. L. Cornish, S. A. Gardiner, and N. G. Parker
In Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, Self-trapping, and Josephson Oscillations, edited by B. Malomed (Progress in Optical Science and Photonics, Springer, Berlin, 2012) (arXiv:1209.0560)

Conference Proceedings

Entangling two distinguishable quantum bright solitons via collisions
T. P. Billam, C. L. Blackley, B. Gertjerenken, S. L. Cornish, and C. Weiss
J. Phys.: Conference Series 497, 012033 (2014)

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