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Congratulations Russell!

Former PhD student Russell Bisset [now a postdoctoral fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory] has been awarded the 2014 Hatherton Award by the Royal Society of New Zealand, for his paper “Fingerprinting Rotons in a Dipolar Condensate: Super-Poissonian Peak in the Atom-Number Fluctuations” , that was published in Physical Review Letters in 2013. The award is for the best scientific paper by a student registered for the degree of PhD in Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences and Mathematical and Information Sciences at a New Zealand university.
Oct. 2014.

Welcoming Dr Liu

Dr Chao-Fei Liu, currently at the National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics in Beijing, has been awarded a Chinese Government Scholarship, funded by the China Scholarship Council, to work with Ashton on two-dimensional quantum turbulence, starting in 2015.
Oct. 2014.

MBIE Science investment draft

On the 28th of May 2014 The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment issued a draft National Statement of Science Investment, calling for comment from the scientific and wider community. In a recent statement, the 2010-2013 Rutherford Discovery Fellows have offered feedback on the draft document, endorsing the Ministry's prioritisation of research investment, and emphasising the need for further action in three areas:

1. Funding for science and research in New Zealand must, as a matter of urgency, be increased until it is comparable to science investment in other small advanced economies (as a fraction of gross domestic product (GDP).

2. Greater expenditure on investigator-led funding is required if New Zealand is to develop into a strong and prosperous advanced economy. This must happen in the short term.

3. New Zealand urgently requires postdoctoral funding on par with other small advanced economies.

See the full Rutherford Discovery Fellow response here.

A response from the Royal Society Panel can be found here.

GPU hardware for quantum dynamics

We have acquired PBRF funding to leverage recent advances in graphics processing hardware. Our two NVidia Tesla K40 GPU Accelerators are each equivalent to nearly 3000 CUDA cores, with a peak double precision performance of 1.43Tflops. Find out more at our GPU computing page.

June. 2014.

Congratulations to Edward -- off to Cambridge

Edward Linscott has been awarded a Rutherford scholarship to complete a PhD at Cambridge.

Nov. 2013.

Funding Success

Blair and Ashton have been awarded a Marsden grant to study the thermal dynamics of spinor condensates using the stochastic projected Gross-Pitaevskii theory.

Dec. 2012.

Dr Billam arrives

Dr Tom Billam has arrived from the University of Durham to start a postdoc position with Ashton studying two-dimensional quantum turbulence.
May. 2012.

Funding Success

The Kjaergaard experimental group has been awarded a Marsden grant to produce an ultra-cold atomic collider for high precision collision spectroscopy. This work will involve theoretical calculations within the BTG group using DSMC methods. For relevant theoretical techniques developed by our group see here.
Oct. 2011.

Dr Martin arrives

Dr Andrew Martin has arrived from the University of Southampton to start a postdoc position with Blair studying dipolar systems.
Nov. 2010.

Funding Success

Ashton has been awarded a 5 year Rutherford Discovery Fellowship by the Royal Society of New Zealand. Related ODT article.
Nov. 2010.

Funding Success

Ashton has been awarded a Marsden Fast Start grant to study The Birth, Life, and Death of a Quantum Vortex Dipole. This work will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. Brian P. Anderson's group at the University of Arizona.
Sept. 2010.

Physics Viewpoint

Recent work by Ashton and collaborators in Queensland and Arizona on vortex anti-vortex pair formation has appeared in Physical Review Letters, and featured in the Physics Viewpoint article: Observing the Dance of a vortex dipole, step by step.
April 2010.

Funding Success

Blair and Ashton have been awarded a JSPS-FRST IIOF grant for developing a finite temperature theory of spinor Bose gases in conjuncation with Yuki Kawaguchi's group at the University of Tokyo.

Dec 2009.

Funding Success

Blair has been awarded a Marsden grant to study The Quantum Dipole Gas. This project will develop new methods for simulating the dynamics of dipolar Bose gases at finite temperature.

Nov 2009.

Funding Success

Danny has been awarded a TEC Top Achiever Doctoral PhD Scholarship. Related ODT article.

Sept 2009.

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