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Group meetings and Journal club are from 11am Tuesdays in the Video Conference room. Visitors are of course welcome either in person or via video conference.

Journal club schedule

Date Speaker Paper Title Authors Link
2016-11-25 Fri Jono Everts
2016-12-02 Fri Sebastian Hovrath
2016-12-09 Fri Jevon away
2016-12-14 Wed Jelena Rakonjac
2017-02-24 Fri Sebastian Hovrath Arbitrary pulse shaping in Er-doped fiber amplifiers - Possibilities and limitations Maria Michalska, Jacek Swiderski, and Marcin mamajek
2017-03-02 Thu Stephen Chen Spectral hole burning and its application in microwave photonics Stefan Putz, Andreas Angerer, Dmitry O. Krimer, Ralph Glattauer, William J. Munro, Stefan Rotter, Jörg Schmiedmayer, and Johannes Majer
2017-03-09 Thu Stephen Chen continued from previous week
2017-04-11 Tue Gavin King Ultranarrow Optical Inhomogeneous Linewidth in a Stoichiometric Rare-Earth Crystal R.L. Ahlefeldt, M. R. Hush, and M. J. Sellars
2017-05-02 Tue Maddy Cormack
2017-05-11 Thu Jono Everts Ferrimegnetic Resonance Modes in Spheres P. C. Fletcher and R. O. Bell
2017-05-30 Tue Sebastian Hovrath High-Precision Measurement of the Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya Interaction between Two Rare-Earth Ions in a Solid Cyril Laplane, Emmanuel Zambrini Cruzeiro, Florian Fröwis, Philippe Goldner, and Mikael Afzelius
2017-06-13 Tue Quinn Thorsnes Ultranarrow-Band Photon-Pair Source Compatible with Solid State Quantum Memories and Telecommunication Networks Julia Fekete, Daniel Rieländer, Matteo Cristiani, and Hugues de Riedmatten
2017-06-13 Tue Jelena Rakonjac Enhanced Light Emission of Er(Yb/Y) Silicates at the Wavelength of 1.53 micrometers with Au Plasmonic Arrays Gongli Xiao, Jianqing Li, and Hongyan Yang
2017-06-20 Tue Stephen Chen Experimental realization of a multiplexed quantum memory with 225 individually accessible memory cells Y-F Pu, N. Jiang, W. Chang, H-X Yang, C. Li, and L-M Duan
2017-06-27 Tue Gavin King Microwave Spin Frequency Comb Memory Protocol Controlled by Gradient Magnetic Pulses K. I. Gerasimov, S. A. Moiseevm and R. B. Zaripov
2017-07-04 Tue Sebastian Hovrath Paramagnetic Resonance and Relaxation of Some Rare-Earthions in YCl3.6H2O M. B. Schulz and C. D. Jeffries
2017-07-11 Tue Cancelled due to conference
2017-07-18 Tue Jono Everts Strong coupling of magnons in a YIG sphere to photons in a planar superconducting resonantor in the quantum limit R. G. E. Morris, A. F. van Loo, S. Kosen, and A. D. Karenowska
2017-07-25 Tue Jevon Longdell Optical Absorption Spectra of Erbium Iron Garnet (ErIG) E. Orlich and S. Hüfner
2017-08-17 Thu Maddy Cormack Slow light for deep tissue imaging with ultrasound modulation Huiliang Zhang, Mahmood Sabooni, Lars Rippe, Chulhong Kim, Stefan Kröll, Lihong V. Wang, and Philip R. Hemmer
2017-08-22 Tue Quinn Thorsnes A Summary of Methods for Obtaining Orange Lasers Quinn Thorsnes
2017-08-29 Tue Jelena Rakonjac Spectroscopic detection and state preparation of a single praseodymium ion in a crystal T. Utikal, E. Eichhammer, L. Petersen, A. Renn, S. Götzinger, and V. Sandoghdar
2017-09-05 Stephen Chen Giant optical gain in single-crystal erbium chloride silicate nanowire Hao Sun, Leijun Yin, Yize Zheng, Fan Fan, Shilong Zhao, Xue Feng, Yongzhuo Li, and C. Z. Ning
2017-10-27 Gavin King Antiferromagnetic resonance in GdVO4 M. M. Abraham, J. M. Baker, B. Bleaney, J. Z. Pfeffer, and M. R. Wells
2017-11-09 Jevon Longdell Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Er3+:T2SiO5 using Josephson Bifurcation Amplifier: Observation of Hyperfine and Quadrupole Structures Rangga P. Budoyo, Kosuke Kakuyanagi, Hiraku Toida, Yuichiro Matsuzaki, William J. Munro, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Shiro Saito
2017-11-16 Maddy Cormack