Photo of Jevon
Jevon Longdell
Group Leader
Photo of Maddy
Maddy Cormack
PhD Student
Photo of Gavin
Gavin King
PhD Student
Photo of Jelena
Jelena Rakonjac
Masters Student
Photo of Hamish
Hamish Lewis
Honours Student
Photo of Daniel
Daniel Normans
Honours Student (shared with Harald)
Photo of You?
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Past group members

  • Jono Everts. Hons Student. Going surfing in Peru and then hopefully back to do MSc.

  • Yu-Hui (Stephen) Chen. Postdoc. Went back to research position in China

  • Sebastian Horvath. Postdoc. Went to work in Stefan Kröll’s group

  • Xavi Fernandez-Gonzalvo. PhD. Went to work for Andritz Powerlase

  • Matt Pearce, Honours student. Now doing PhD at Matt Sellar’s group at ANU.

  • Hamish McDonald, MSc, now working for Buckley Systems

  • Luke Taylor, Postdoc, now working for Powerhouse Ventures and Dodd-Walls Center.

  • Lewis Williamson, Honours student now doing a PhD with Blair

  • Gavin King, MSc student now working for Photonic Innovations

  • Mark Hogg, MSc went to work for Times 7, now doing a PhD at CQC2T

  • William Naylor, Honours student went to a PhD at NTNU Trondeim, now back in NZ training to be a teacher.

  • Greigan Pankhurst, Honours student, finished his business degree and went to work for KPMG

  • Warrick Farr, Honours student, went to do PhD at University of Western Austrlia

  • Jian Wei Tay, PhD student, went to postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis the postdoc at University of Colorado.

  • Patrick Leddingham, went to postdoc at ICFO and then Oxford University

  • David McAuslan, went to postdoc at University of Queensland, now working for Canadian 3D display startup.