Our group is part of the Quantum manipulation and quantum information theme of the Dodd-Walls Center of Research Excellence. This page will be of most interest to members of that theme.

Deadlines for internal funding rounds

Print this out and stick it to the wall. (pdf)

Theme meetings for 2017

Our theme meetings will be held on the fourth friday of the month at noon. They will be held via video link (zoom) between the video conference rooms of the Auckland and Otago Physics departments. It is straightforward for other interested parties to join in the video conference.

Date Time Speaker Title
2017-02-24 Fri 12 noon Ricardo Gutierrez Jauregui Dissipative Phases of Cavity-Mediated Photon Interactions
2017-03-24 Fri 12 noon Vladimir Bubanja Electron transport in hybrid superconducting devices
2017-05-26 Fri 12 noon Jelena Rackonjac Measuring hyperfine coherence times of 167Er:YSO around zero magnetic field
2017-06-23 Fri 12 noon Nikolett Nemet Enhanced EPR-type entanglement with coherent time-delayed feedback
2017-07-28 Fri 12 noon Pimonpan (Mim) Sompet Dynamics of Two Atoms Tightly Confined in Optical Tweezers
2017-08-25 Fri 12 noon Marteen's group
2017-09-22 Fri 12 noon Howard's group
2017-10-27 Fri 12 noon Canterbury
2017-11-24 Fri 12 noon Harald

Theme meetings for 2016

Date Time Speaker Title
2016-02-26 Fri 2pm Harald Schwefel Efficient single sideband microwave to optical conversion using a LiNbO3 WGM-resonator
2016-03-25 Fri Easter -- No meeting
2016-04-22 Fri 2pm Julia Feteke Atom optical quantum resonances with finite pulse duration
2016-05-27 Fri 2pm Stuart Masson Engineering Dicke models for integer-spin particles
2016-09-23 Fri 2pm Sebastian Horvath Crystal-field modelling of hyperfine structure for low symmetry rare-earth doped insulators
2016-10-28 Fri 2pm Alexander Szameit Topological Photonics
2016-11-15 Tues 2pm Rosanna Nichols Practical quantum metrology in noisy environments
2016-11-25 Fri 2pm Donald White Anderson Localization of Ultracold Atoms in 2D Custom Disordered Potentials