Images of some of the experimental sites of the AARDDVARK network are shown below.



VLF Antenna at Ny Alesund, on the Arctic island of Svalbard, part of the country of Norway.



SANAE VLF antenna. Loop antenna at the South African Antarctic base.



Loop antenna at the British Antarctic Survey base, Halley, Antarctica with the aurora as a backdrop. Photo courtesy of Jeff A. Cohen.



Loop antenna at the British Antarctic Survey base, Rothera, Antarctica.



Sodankylä (Finland) loop antenna with Mark Clilverd and Craig Rodger looking through the SGO AARDDVARK.   



Dunedin (New Zealand), with the loop antenna hard to see amongst the grass and tussock.       


View from the roof of Eötvös University, Hungary, showing the WWLLN antenna which has on occasions been used temporarily used for AARDDVARK observations due to the lightning strike near the Tihany site, causing major equipment damage.

VLF loop antenna at Tihany, Hungary, with Lake Balaton in the background. This AARDDVARK site is operated by Eötvös University, Hungary.


Mark Clilverd standing beneath the AARDDVARK VLF Antenna at Fort Churchill, Canada. The station was made operational during Mark's visit in May 2007 - the blockhouse in the distance houses the receiver.


The AARDDVARK antenna hosted at the Antarctica New Zealand facility, Scott Base. The antenna itself is located at Arrival Heights, near Scott Base. The active volcano, Mt. Erebus, smokes quietly in the backdrop of this image which was taken during the installation of the experiment in December 2008.

Our second Canadian AARDDVARK receiver in the Alberta grass. This image is of the then newly installed loop antennas at the University of Alberta's Ministik Lake field site. Note the un-used long drop toilet on the right [October 2010].

The third Canadian AARDDVARK receiver, near Ottawa in Ontario. This AARDDVARK is hosted by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) [September 2010].



The latest (and forth) Canadian AARDDVARK receiver, near St. John's in Newfoundland and Labrador. British Antarctic Survey Research Engineer Neil Cobbett stands beneath the recently raised mast. This AARDDVARK is hosted by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) [October 2010].



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