REPW 2007
Rarotonga Energetic Particle Workshop
5-10 August 2007
Rarotonga , Cook Islands

The following is a listing of the invited participants who attended REPW 2007:

Jay Albert                                            Air Force Research Lab

Jacob Bortnik                                      UCLA

Anthony Chan                                      Rice University

Scot Elkington                                     LASP/CU

Brian Fraser                                        University of Newcastle

Reiner Friedel                                      Los Alamos National Laboratory

Rory Gamble                                       University of Otago

Richard Horne                                     British Antarctic Survey

Vania Jordanova                                  Los Alamos National Laboratory

Craig Kletzing                                      University of Iowa

Louis Ozeke                                        University of Alberta

Geoff Reeves                                       Los Alamos National Laboratory

Craig Rodger                                       University of Otago

Richard Thorne                                    UCLA

Mike Wiltberger                                  NCAR/HAO

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