Department of Physics
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Degrees and Majors

Undergraduate degrees based within the Department of Physics, include 3-year B.Sc in Physics (PHSI), Electronics (ELEC) and Energy Studies (ENST)


To major in Physics or Electronics, you must take the following 100-level papers:

  • PHSI 131 (or PHSI 191)
  • PHSI 132
  • MATH 160 Mathematics 1
  • MATH 170 Mathematics 2

For a minor in Electronics, your degree should include:

  • ELEC 253 in the second (or possibly third) year
  • Two third year ELEC papers in your third year.

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Electronics is an important part of modern applied physics and an essential part of the New Zealand high-school physics curriculum. Skills in electronics are very valuable for anyone interested in a career as:

  • An experimental physicist
  • A High-school teacher
  • An applied or industrial physicist

To major in Electronics, you must take a standard first year physics course, and then in your second year, your papers will typically include:

  • ELEC 253 Analogue and digital electronics
  • One paper from MATH 200-level
  • One paper from PHSI 200-level, COSC 241-243

Energy Studies

If you intend to major in Energy Studies, you must take the following 100-level papers:

  • One 100-level PHSI paper (PHSI 131 recommended)
  • MATH 160
  • MATH 170