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The sea ice group on the University of Otago Polar Environments Research Theme 2011 cross country ski trip.
From left: Alex, Stefan, Greg, Inga, and Takenobu.
(2010 sea ice group photo ;

2008 sea ice group photo)

Current Members
Prof Pat Langhorne Professor
Dr Inga Smith Senior Lecturer
Dr Greg Leonard Senior Lecturer
Dr Pete Russell Research Fellow
Dr Max Thomas Research Fellow
Dr Shona Mackie Research Fellow
Maren Richter PhD student
Tarentaise McLeod MSc student
Recent Members
Dr Alena Malyarenko

PhD 2020


Ice shelf – ocean boundary interaction

Eamon Frazer

MSc 2019

Characterising Frazil Ice Populations using Acoustic Techniques

Dr Pat Wongpan

PhD 2018

MSc 2013

Columnar ice versus platelet ice: differences, consequences, and significance

Voronoi dynamics simulation of platelet sea ice growth with diffusive heat and mass transfer

Prof Cecilia Bitz Visiting scientist 
2013/2014 (Fulbright US Scholar Award Recipient)
Research collaboration topic: Why is Antarctic sea ice expanding?
Andrew Pauling MSc 2017 Simulation of the effect of ice shelf melt around Antarctica in an Earth System Model
Dr Stefan Jendersie PhD 2016 Drivers and dynamics of the Ross Sea
Ken Hughes MSc 2013 Propagation of an ice shelf water plume beneath sea ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Dr Alex Gough PhD 2012 Sea ice near an ice shelf
Dr Craig Purdie PhD 2012 Winter sea ice growth in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Dr Natalie Robinson PhD 2012 Circulation, mixing and interactions in the ocean near the Ross Ice Shelf
Assoc Prof Takenobu Toyota Visiting scientist 
2011 (NZ/JSPS Senior Scientist Exchange Recipient)
Study on wave-sea ice interaction in the marginal sea ice zone and its relation with the floe size distribution
Dr Andy Mahoney Postdoc 
Winter sea ice growth processes
Dr Ed Kempema Visiting scientist 
Dr Chris Petrich PostDoc 2005/06
PhD 2005
Fluid dynamics simulations of sea ice formation (examples). Experiments on refreezing cracks in sea ice.
Dr Greg Leonard PostDoc 2002-05 Sea ice and platelet ice formation in McMurdo Sound and their correlation with oceanographic conditions.
Dr Inga Smith PhD 2002 Platelet ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.
Dr Martin Gribble PhD 2002 Cyclic and creep properties of sea ice.
Dr Paul Bond PhD 2001 Optical characteristics of saline ice.
David Dempsey MSc 2008 Observations and modelling of platelet ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Daisuke Yamagishi MSc 2008 Experimental study of phase change in rapidly growing sea ice.
Nicole Albrecht MSc 2006 Internal gravity waves in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.
Marc Müller-Stoffels MSc 2006 Preferred crystal orientations in freshwater ice sheets. (pdf)
Ben Tuckey MSc 2002 Brine convection in sea ice.
Heike Merkel Visitor 
Lisa Hahn-Woernle MSc/International Internship student 
Thermodynamic modelling of platelet ice crystal development.