Atomic Physics Otago



The Atomic Physics Lab group consists of (from left to right): Up Ruksasakchai (PhD Student), Rhys Hobbs (Research Assistant), Associate Professor Dr Mikkel Andersen, Dr Marvin Weyland (Postdoctoral Fellow), Dr Lucile Sanchez (Postdoctoral Fellow), Chris Hayton  (Master Student).








The entire lab with pink tutus and heads shaven for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser in 2010

Past Members include:

                                    Dr Peter McDowall (PhD student)

                                    Dr Alicia V. Carpentier (Postdoctoral Fellow)

                                    Eva Leunissen (Honors Student)

                                    Dr Andrew Hilliard (Postdoctoral Fellow)

                                    Dr Tzahi Grunzweig (Postdoctoral Fellow)

                                    Dr Matthew McGovern (PhD Student)

                                   Pimonpan Sompet (PhD student)

                                   Simon Coop (Master Student)

                                   Taylor Skinner (Honours Student)

                                   Katie E. Chong (Honours Student)

                                   Phillip Bennington (Honours Student)

                                    Boris Daszuta (Honours Student)

                                    Michael Taylor (Honours Student)

                                    Chris Geddes (Honours Student)

                                    Sam Rooney (Student Scholarship)

                                    Sunny Chugh (Student Scholarship)

                                    Andrew Haines (Student Scholarship)

Contact Mikkel Andersen:
                                       Department of Physics
                                       University of Otago
                                       PO Box 56
                                       Dunedin 9054
                                       New Zealand
                                       Ph (+64) 3 479 7805