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VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of Ionospheres and Magnetospheres

The working group on VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere (VERSIM) is an international group of scientists interested in studying the behaviour of the magnetosphere and ionosphere by means of ELF (300 Hz - 3 kHz) and VLF (3-30 kHz) radio waves, both naturally and artificially generated. The group was set up in 1975 by IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy) and URSI (International Union of Radio Science), as described in the working group history. Originally the emphasis was on probing of the magnetosphere by whistlers, but later the scope became somewhat broader. The group aims to promote research in this field by facilitating the exchange of ideas, information and experience between active research workers and other interested scientists. This is done through regular meetings at IAGA and URSI Assemblies, a regular VERSIM community workshop, and via the circulation of a newsletter. The group has also been active in sponsoring scientific symposia at IAGA and URSI Assemblies, in areas relevant to its field of interest, and in coordinating observational campaigns. At present the main subjects of interest include Plasma structures and boundaries - morphology and dynamics, Wave-particle and wave-wave interactions, Wave-induced particle precipitation, Wave propagation in magnetosphere and ionosphere, Sprites and the effects of lightning on the ionosphere. There are currently over 100 scientists from about 26 different countries on the VERSIM mailing list.

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URSI, Chicago, 2008

The 29th General Assembly of URSI was held in Chicago, USA 7-16 August 2008. During the General Assembly there was a meeting of the VERSIM working group during the Assembly, on Tuesday 12 August 2008. A report on this meeting is available here. The next gathering is to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in August 2011.

IAGA as part of the IUGG General Assembly, Perugia, 2007

The IUGG XXIV General Assembly was held in Perugia, Italy from 2-13 July 2007. IUGG encompasses IAGA, and thus the activities of the VERSIM working group. There was a VERSIM business meeting on 3 July 2007. A report on this meeting can be found here. The next IAGA is  the IAGA General Assembly, Sopron, Hungary. 23-30 August 2009.


2nd VERSIM Workshop, Sodankylä, 2006

The 2nd VERSIM Workshop 2006 took place last month at the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, sponsored by the Observatory and supported by IAGA and URSI Commission H. This was a chance for the VERSIM IAGA/URSI joint working group to meet and discuss current issues, developments, and techniques. The workshop attracted about 46 participants from 16 countries, ranging from Fiji and Slovenia all the way to Brazil and the USA, and included 52 presentations. The abstract book is online, as are photos from the Workshop. This workshop follows on from the 1st VERSIM Workshop, which also took place at the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, at almost the same time in 2004. The success of the first meeting attracted 50% more participants and 40% more presentations. A full report on the 2nd VERSIM Workshop 2006 is available.

To maintain the momentum which has been created by the first two VERSIM Workshops in Finland, the community accepted the invitation of Dr. János Lichtenberger, the URSI co-chair of the working group to host the 3rd VERSIM Workshop in Tihany, Hungary. This is now planned for the week starting 15 September 2008, on the shores of Lake Balaton. This decision was made as part of the VERSIM Business Meeting which took place on the last Saturday of the Workshop, the minutes of which are available at the highlighted link.


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VERSIM Newsletters

The VERSIM Newsletter (and its predecessor, the PEPM Newsletter) has been published about 1-2 times per year. Newsletters up to No. 13 were distributed on paper. From No. 14 onwards they will be distributed electronically, either via the VERSIM electronic mailing list or through this web page. Here is an archive of past VERSIM Newsletters:

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