FINESS-2013: Gardiner Session

Celebrating the career contributions of Prof. Crispin Gardiner to quantum physics.

Prof. Crispin Gardiner turned 70 in 2012 and is planning to retire soon after the FINESS meeting. It is our great pleasure to devote a session of FINESS-2013 to celebrating the immense contribution Professor Gardiner has made to Quantum Optics, Ultra-cold Atoms and Quantum Noise.

This session will be held on the morning of Monday the 18th of February, and chaired by Professor Rob Ballagh. The session focus will be on Trapped gases, finite temperature and non-equilibrium dynamics.

Local Organizer and Chair

  • Blair Blakie (Department of Physics, University of Otago, NZ)

International Chair

  • Andrew Daley (Department of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, USA)

International Steering Committee

  • Matthew Davis (Department of Physics, University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Matthias Troyer (Institut f. Theoretische Physik, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

International Steering Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Thomas Gasenzer, Heidelberg University
  • Prof. Crispin Gardiner, University of Otago
  • Prof. Tetsuro Nikuni, Tokyo University of Science
  • Dr. Nick Proukakis, Newcastle University
  • Prof. Luis Santos, University of Hannover
  • Prof. Jörg Schmiedmayer, Vienna University of Technology
  • Prof. Makoto Tsubota, Osaka City University