Talks and Posters


Talks will be allocated a total time (including question time) of either 20 or 40 minutes.
20 minute slot = 15 minute talk + 5 minutes for questions
40 minute slot = 30 minute talk + 10 minutes for questions
Session chairs will be asked to strictly keep speakers to time.

We expect most presenters will use their own laptop. If you wish to use the conference laptop or have some other special requirements for your presentation please contact the organizers well in advance.

Hot Topic Talks: We received an outstanding array of poster submissions to FINESS-2013. We only had room in the programme for two hot topic talks, and we are happy to announce that Dr Marie Piraud and Asst. Prof. Dario Poletti have been selected to give hot topic talks on their work.


The FINESS poster session will be on the afternoon of Monday the 18th of February. It will be held in a separate room to the talks. People presenting posters are asked to put up their poster during the lunch break on Monday.

Local Organizer and Chair

  • Blair Blakie (Department of Physics, University of Otago, NZ)

International Chair

  • Andrew Daley (Department of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, USA)

International Steering Committee

  • Matthew Davis (Department of Physics, University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Matthias Troyer (Institut f. Theoretische Physik, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

International Steering Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Thomas Gasenzer, Heidelberg University
  • Prof. Crispin Gardiner, University of Otago
  • Prof. Tetsuro Nikuni, Tokyo University of Science
  • Dr. Nick Proukakis, Newcastle University
  • Prof. Luis Santos, University of Hannover
  • Prof. Jörg Schmiedmayer, Vienna University of Technology
  • Prof. Makoto Tsubota, Osaka City University