The Jack Dodd Centre
for Quantum Technology

Group Members

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Director of The Jack Dodd Centre
Assoc Prof David Hutchinson


Principal Investigators

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Assoc Prof David Hutchinson
Prof Rob Ballagh
Prof Blair Blakie
Assoc Prof Igor Meglinski
Dr Mikkel Andersen
Dr Ashton Bradley
Dr Niels Kjaergaard
Dr Jevon Longdell


Honorary Professor

Prof. Crispin Gardiner


Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Danny Baillie
Dr Thomas Billam
Dr Stephen Chen
Dr Amita Deb
Dr Adrian F Pena Delgado
Dr Alex Doronin
Dr Julia Fekete
Dr Andrew Martin
Dr Luke Taylor


PHD Students

Yin Hsien Fung
Xavier Fernandez-Gonzalvo
Fan Hong
Callum McDonald
Peter McDowall
Sue Ann Oh
Matt Reeves
Sam Rooney
Bianca Sawyer
Ryan Thomas
Emese Toth
Joseph Towers


Msc Students

Carolyn Cowdell
Rob McDonald
Thomas McKellar
Kris Roberts
Luke Symes
Lewis Williamson


Honours Students

Milena Horvath
Petra Fersterer