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Theoretical expertise in the Jack Dodd Centre spans the fields of quantum optics, atomic physics and condensed matter physics. Our backgrounds encompass a wide range of techniques from quantum field theory to computational techniques. Our recent work includes the theory of Bose condensate growth, atom laser output coupling, development of a finite temperature field theory, collective excitations at finite temperature, vortex dynamics, quantum phase transitions, and Bragg spectroscopy.

For more detailed information about theoretical research at Otago, please contact one of the investigators below.


Assoc Professor David Hutchinson

My research interests are in the field of many body physics and the physics of large numbers of interacting particles. My background was originally in condensed matter physics, where I worked on the fractional quantum Hall effect and on quantum dots. I then moved to the study of plasma physics using Monte Carlo techniques. Since 1996 my interests have concentrated upon the exciting field of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute atomic gases where I have developed finite temperature quantum field theories for direct quantitative comparison with experiment.



Professor Rob Ballagh

My research interests include Bose-Einstein condensation, laser physics and quantum optics, atom-radiation processes, and non-linear optics. Extending on our previous work, current projects include: Atom optics, Coherent light scattering from Bose condensates, Formation and behaviour of vortex lattices in Bose condensates; Dynamical finite temperature studies using quantum noise simulations.

Quantum Theory of Light and Atoms




Professor Blair Blakie

I'm working on developing classical field methods for simulating finite temperature Bose gases (in collaboration with Dr Matthew Davis of the University of Queensland and Dr Ashton Bradley). I'm also interested in optical lattices: calculating system properties using band structure methods (applied to the Otago and NIST BEC experiments), devising schemes for probing highly correlated states, and the thermal properties of atoms in optical lattices.

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Dr Ashton Bradley

I'm working on developing classical field methods for simulating finite temperature Bose gases, with a particular interest in the spontaneous formation of vortices that occurs when a Bose gas is quenched across condensation transition. I'm also interested in quantum optics and teleportation.

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The Jack Dodd Centre has experimental programmes in the areas of ultracold atoms, photonics, quantum optics and spectroscopy.

For more detailed information about experimental research at Otago, please contact one of the investigators below.


Dr Mikkel Andersen

We are currently building an experimental apparatus, designed to trap and manipulate single atoms using laser light. This will provide a unique opportunity to explore the quantum world, and may find applications for quantum information processing.
Furthermore, we are investigating new designs of atomic interferometers for precision measurements and mineral exploration. These studies are based on applying classical chaotic dynamical systems, for measurements with a precision below the Fourier limit.
Since frequency stable lasers are essential to our experiments, we also have ongoing research aimed at developing user friendly frequency stable laser sources for atomic physics experiments.

Atomic Physics Otago



Dr Niels Kjaergaard

I have a background in accelerator physics, AMO physics and laser physics.  I have contributed to research on laser cooling of ions in storage rings and traps, Coulomb crystals, laser system development, Bose Einstein condensation, cold collisions of ultracold atoms, coherent manipulation of cold atoms, quantum non-demolition measurements of cold atoms, and squeezing of atomic quantum projection noise.  My present research interests include the development of a laser based accelerator for ultracold atoms and cavity enhanced approaches to high-precision determination of two components in a gas of atoms or molecules.

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Dr Jevon Longdell

We study the the optical properties of rare earth impurities in crystals. At low temperatures these impurities interact with light very much like free atoms, with the benefit that they are absolutely fixed in a solid state matrix.
We are developing various quantum and classical information processing building blocks using rare earth ion impurities in crystals.
Current project includes the development of a quantum memory for light, investigation a strongly coupled atom-resonator systems. "

Otago Quantum Optics Group



Assoc Professor Igor Meglinski

Our research interests lie at the interface between physics, medicine and biological sciences, focusing on the development of new non-invasive imaging/diagnostic techniques and their applications in medicine and biology, material sciences, pharmacy, food and health care industries.  The specific areas of research include: Low-coherent non-invasive optical biopsy; Functional cellular and molecular flourenscence imaging, Optical specoscopy for non-invasive medical diagnostics; Image reconstruction and computer modelling of optical radiation/waves propagation in complex random media, including bio-tissues; Coherent effects of multiple scattering in respect to applications in medical diagnostics; Optical mapping of skin blood flow and skin blood microcirculation; further development of coherent Back-Scattering (CBS), Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (DWS), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Doppler OCT, PS-OCT, Optical & Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) for the basic studies of cerebral and tumour physiology and other clinical applications.  Plant photoics.

Biophotonics & Biomedical Imaging Research Group