Department of Physics

EMAN 410 Seminar Series Downloads

2013 EMAN 410 seminar series

Carl Hansen: Regulation of the NZ electricity market

Iain MacGill: Renewables in the Australian National Electricity Market – current status, future prospects (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Murray Grimwood: Considering a case for energy descent

Hon David Parker: "Labour/Green Party Electricity Policy" part 2 



2012 EMAN 410 seminar series

Adrian Kerr Energy Efficient Water Heating – Review of the 2007 – 2012 EECA Program

Ralph Sims Energy-smart food policies for NZ - a world leader or a world laggard?

Mark Diesendorf Scenarios and Policies for 100% Renewable Electricity in New Zealand and Australia

Ralph Chapman Averting dangerous climate change: accelerating the energy transition

Eric Pyle Wind energy in NZ: 20% wind by 2030

2011 EMAN 410 seminar series

John Peet Energy and Debt: Is There a Connection

2010 EMAN 410 seminar series

Jake Roos Action for Sustainable Buildings -– A NZ/UK Comparison

Mike O'Connell Preparing for an uncertain future: regional energy resilience in Canterbury

Ralph Sims Technology, the solution to climate change – or is it people?

David Caygill The Role of Regulation in the Management of New Zealand's Electricity

Richard Heinberg Peak Oil, Peak Economy


2009 EMAN 410 seminar series

Greg Sise Energy Link "Have Electricity Market Reforms Empowered Consumers? "

Kieren Devine "NZ power system in balance"

Jim Salinger "Climate Change: Why we have to get off the carbon intensive gravy train"

Susan Krumdieck " Energy Myths"

John Peet "If money is the problem, why is it also the solution"


2008 EMAN 410 seminar series

David Parker 2008 "Energy Policy in NZ"

Mike O'Connell 2008 "Power up Canterbury: threats to and opportunities for a sustainable energy future"

William Catton 2008 "Homo Colossus, the Prosthetic Species"

John Peet 2008

Robert Trommop 2008 "Sustainable Energy, Indicators and Opportunities; from One Big World and 3 Small Islands"


2007 EMAN 410 seminar series

Muriel Watt 2007 "Australian and New Zealand Energy Strategies"

Sharon Beder 2007 "The great electricity con"

Ralph Chapman 2007 "Climate Change Science and Policy ENergy Implications"

David Parker 2007 "Powering the Future"

Susan Krumdieck 2007 '"What is Sustainability About, Really?"


2006 EMAN 410 seminar series

Joseph Mayhew EECA

Roy Hemmingway Electricity Commission

George Hooper Cenre for Advanced Engineering

Greg Sise Energy Link "What is wrong with the electricity market? "

Jeanette Fitzsimons "Energy Challenges in the 21 Century"

Muriel Watt "Renewable Energy Policy in Australia"